— Owner, OBGYN Practice. Red Antler is one of the best UX design and branding companies for startups and new ventures headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. "I can absolutely count on them to finish what they promise on time. The project prioritized usefulness over visual appeal, but the app is improved in both realms. Founded in 2012, their team of 23 employees specializes in UX/UI design. , Design Excellence Award in Product Interaction 2019 - CII It focuses on UX/UI design, but also offers mobile app development and branding services. 10 Companies With The Best Customer Experience, 2011 Global Customer Experience Management Survey, JD Power's smartphone customer satisfaction survey. The company is based in Bangalore, India, and has a satellite office in Mumbai. The Top 10 Companies With The Most Admired Customer Experience: Beyond Philosophy, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter, Former Associate Business Editor, The Huffington Post. They didn’t just develop it, bug-test it, and give it a 60-day guarantee against bugs: they actually contributed to these other categories.” – Founder, AR Company, Interactive Media Awards: 5 Outstanding Achievement Awards (2010). Design agency Selecto has offices in Lviv and Rivne, Ukraine. Founded in 2016, the team of 22 delivers UX strategy, testing, and user research for its clients. The client was very impressed with the variety of talent on the Fresh Tilled Soil team. PLATFORM has done projects in advertising, financial services, information technology, and real estate, among others. An IT company hired F1Studioz to revamp their campaign management tool. The client prides YUJ Designs on their understanding of UX/UI design and their creativity. Top UI/UX design agency focused on interface design, user experience, conversion optimization for web and mobile apps for startups and tech companies. They were founded in 2008 and use a three-step sprint process to tackle projects: discover, design, and develop. They implemented design based on user feedback and a roadmap from the client, who was satisfied with the final result. Momentum Design Lab is based in Silicon Valley, with offices also located in New York City and London. They offer UX/UI design and product design with a focus on UX strategy, usability testing, user research, and prototype design. DevSquad fully rebuilt a small business’ management platform using PHP and JavaScript to improve their service’s scalability and efficiency. Including Revolut, Branch, Kaltura etc Neuron created a web platform for a software development company. They worked with their EVP of product management to understand the customer needs and delivered quick design prototypes within weeks. They came up with impactful themes and styles that brought our ideas to life. However, they also offer complementary services including web design, web development, and conversion optimization. "The new site has a stronger and much more professional brand, which has instilled trust in patients in our services." Team CoDesign developed a UX/UI design for an app that helps prevent jewelry theft. Sparklin Innovations is a UX design and engineering company founded in 2013 in New Dehli, India. They iterated a few times per reviews and eventually developed a complete system, which we are incredibly pleased with." The client was impressed with the results of the project and the positive feedback it received. The team works with small, mid-market, and enterprise clients in the financial services, business services, and e-commerce industries. Guidea (A Theresa Neil Design Company), founded in 2005, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with an additional office in San Francisco. Of course, there are some companies bucking the trends. Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. IMHO, having used almost every piece of SaaS and on-prem enterprise software, I think they are all mediocre-to-bad. Creative Navy worked with a machine intelligence startup to create the interaction between people and the AI component of a car. - Owner, Small Security and Investigations Firm. Super User Studio is a design consultancy headquartered in London, with an office in Bath, United Kingdom. The platform served as an affiliate marketing business tool. 84557 views. When they succeed, it very likely results in the success of the product itself. The team provides UX/UI design, logo design, and branding for their clients. They assign a good mix of people with varied capabilities to a project, so they are able to capture every design angle and complete work efficiently." Experience Dynamics, which was founded in 2001 in Portland, Oregon, is a usability consulting firm that supplies UX/UI research services in enterprise, institutional, and consumer-facing products. Divami Design Labs is a user experience and user interface (UX/UI) agency in India. onething.design designed a system that incorporated B2C and B2B apps into complex dashboards for an electric motorbike company. Their project management was great and everything was on time. They felt that it really helped them manage their time. The agency is comprised of about 25 employees. Other services include visual design and logo design. – Manager, Finance Group. “Everyone loves the experience, the product, and the platform we have built. They've worked on a website, sales presentation, technical documentation, and UI/UX for early products. 15 Websites with Engaging User Experiences by Jessica Moon Interactivity, whether it’s through hover states, audio or video media, sliding interactions, or even scroll events, help in adding a delightful layer of engagement a user experiences on a website or application. , India’s Best Digital Design Studio Finalist (2016) They have assisted with both website design and mobile application screens. Selecto specializes in web design and development, mobile app development, and UX/UI design. They work for a range of small businesses, midmarket companies and global enterprises. In testing, the site received excellent reviews from stakeholders, who praised its innovative new look. The agency revamped a website and developed an internal app. This Toronto, Canada agency brings its small team of fewer than 10 to create UX/UI designs for the B2B market. "The interaction was cordial yet demanding the best that we can achieve by keeping the project objectives at the core. Parallel Labs redesigned and simplified the UX/UI of an existing event management mobile application. UX Studio focuses on projects in business and financial services, among others. Their 17-person team is headquartered in Waterloo, Iowa, with offices in Des Moines, Iowa. Momentum worked with a large CX product company to develop UX designs and strategies that increased user engagement. Collect information about each customer during the initial phases of their buyer journey, even if it’s just simple personal facts like where their favorite vacation spot is or what kinds of pets they have. "MSTQ took my prototype and helped me think through all the issues that hadn’t been addressed. “They tend to think about the end product as a more marketable product. PLATFORM's finished product compellingly conveyed the wellness training company's brand. The team, comprised of more than 25 employees, works across all platforms and has a high-level User-Centered Design methodology. Emerge Interactive created a game plan for the project before designing the user experience and developing an MVP. "We had a rudimentary version of our app on the market at the time of contracting ProCreator. Dreamten boosted the digital profile and presence of an anti-slavery nonprofit to connect the client with smaller groups or even individual advocates worldwide. They were founded in 2016 and have a team of 9 employees who specialize in user experience design, digital strategy, and front-end development. - Project Manager, Midsized Travel Company. ProCreator provides exclusively UX/UI services. The client was impressed with the final products. Founded in 2012, F1Studioz is an enterprise UX/UI design company. ), web and native apps (macOS, embedded, devices), and other projects. Founded in 2013, they have about 20 employees that specialize in UX/UI design for websites and mobile apps. — CEO, Insurance Company. , Communication Arts Poncho makes good use of the humanizing principal by giving the … Momentum specializes in financial services, healthcare, high technology and software startups, and cx/ad/marketing technologies. I've always found it ironic that some of the most fancy hotels have some of the worst websites in the world. Eleken provided design and UX services for a video and audio company. Their efforts led to more incoming customers. Brave UX is a full-service user experience agency, and the company - founded in 2014 - both designs and builds complex application interfaces. The businesses they serve are mainly in the financial services, health care & medical, and consumer products & services industries. free tools for user feedback We built youXtools because we believe everyone should have access to user research to make the best products and experiences possible. "The final designs and UX upgrades were excellent." "SHERPA showed us the importance of small details and the fact that classic habits usually will not work." Crafton is a Poland-based independent web agency that specializes in web development and UX/UI design. UX 4Sight designed a website for an OBGYN practice. – Former Product Manager, Agency. The team conducted researched and did A/B testing. "Three weeks after the homepage launch, year-over-year bounce rates and exit rates decreased by 13% and 16%, respectively." The materials have received positive feedback from other companies and auditors. Your users’ first experience is absolutely critical. The client enjoyed working with the team. Tech companies, including Apple, are especially good at understanding customer emotions, according to the survey. , Top Web Designers Portland (2016). "The was very flexible and quick to accommodate last minute changes." PLATFORM partnered with a wellness training company to create interactive and graphic design for a wellness website and iOS app. Fuzzy Math is a Chicago, IL user experience company with around 15 employees. User experience (UX) design goes beyond the appearance of a product. The team offers services across the entire spectrum of user experience, including concepting, branding, front-end development, and user research. “NetBramha Studios’ branding gained a high traction from both online and offline and our company identity was much appreciated amongst our customers and resulted in building trust and long partnership engagements with our customers. Instead, people's feelings about a company often depend on the company's ability to gauge customer emotions, which "account for more than half the typical customer experience," according to the survey. YUJ Designs was founded in 2009 with a vision to help businesses create value through UX design. – Director of Programs, Nonprofit Organization. ERGOMANIA Digital Product Design created the UX for an online banking account registration process for a commercial bank. Fresh Tilled Soil is a UI/UX design company based outside Boston in Watertown, MA. I don't think we would have been able to achieve the elegant user experience that we have if Clay wasn’t helping us with the project." An advertising platform partnered with Brave in order to create an updated user experience. Fresh Tilled Soil partnered with an electronic ink company to develop a desktop application. Its projects have primarily involved the transportation, business services, and consumer products industries. I knew exactly which developers were working on which features at what time. Founded in 2009, Clay is now a team of over 30 people working with leading brands and startups. “We have a lot of communication and design requirements almost on a daily basis. The team helped the client to grow the product from the early prototype into a product with a unique value proposition for the UK market. – EVP of Product Management, CX Company, American Business Awards: Gold: Company of the Year – Internet & New Media (2019) , CSSDA We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! NetBramha Studios is a UX and UI design studio based in Bangalore, India. The new website had improved SEO and garnered positive feedback from customers. ArtyGeek helped an e-book publishing company with website design and development. The Best Brands and Industries for Customer Experience 2020. The approximately 30-person company, which was founded in 2002, principally works on UX/CX for digital product design. Top companies for User Experience at VentureRadar with Innovation Scores, Core Health Signals and more. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership. “You need expertise in app industry mobile tactics but also in traditional marketing requirements. "[I liked Creative Navy's] attitude. , Silicon India: Company of the Year in UX Design (2019) "I believe Lollypop was able to bring the right kind of productivity and innovation. “The project was completed earlier than scheduled. It addresses how information is structured and presented. The first project involved creating a micro-site and the second included designing an interactive e-book. Those are important to me since we're a very small company but we're doing some pretty big things." Work with 3323 customers across 14 industries all over the world. They have a team of 25 experienced strategists, designers, and business analysts. Since the company redesigned the site, the client has received positive user feedback. — Founder, Fantasy Sports Company. "They’re unique in their understanding of UI/UX. They specialize in streamlining web and mobile applications for an optimal UX. The client wanted to make their platform more user-friendly. , IF Design Award. Clay worked with a security company to design a mobile user interface that culminated in two iOS and Android apps: an anti-phishing app for web browsers and an identity theft predictor. Neuron is a San Francisco based digital design agency. This small Washington D.C. company, which has fewer than 10 employees, is purely focused on UX/UI design. Search User experience jobs. , Gold Company of the Year – Design Team Management (2019) The work is ongoing as the client’s needs grow, and the client appreciates their efficiency. There weren’t any discussions that took place around scope creeps or things like that." YUJ Designs has a team of more than 100 employees who have successfully crafted user experiences for more than 150 international clients, many of them Fortune 500 companies. They were also quick to understand our business." The team also assisted with initial discovery tasks all the way through wireframing, construction, and product maintenance. Across both projects with this company, Clay covered everything down to the tiniest details and offered simple, elegant designs that made the apps easy to navigate. , NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards: Top 3 Finalist (2019) SHERPA designed a new landing page for an insurance company. Everybody was aligned in making this a successful endeavour." The client was impressed with the teams ability to use feedback to improve the design. The area of ethics in user experience design lies on a scale that ranges from providing complete freedom for users, up to making all the decisions for them. "They hire people with diverse skill sets. Thence provided their design expertise to a workplace wellness company. The client appreciated that Selecto was so straightforward. - CTO, IT/Tech Startup, Awwwards: Honorable Mention for Strategy (2017). Although user experience and customer experience are absolutely different notions, they have never been closer.The difference between them lies in the fact that customer experience is actually a sum of all the experiences that a person has from interacting with your brand, team, website, app, etc. Filter by cost to pick the best fit. , Top 5 UX/UI Design Companies in India – Silicon India. The project was a challenge because the AI component had to function as a personal assistant. They work predominantly for small businesses, midmarket companies and global enterprises, including billion-dollar startups. User Experience (UX) is critical to the success or failure of a product in the market but what do we mean by UX? The company focuses on UX/UI design, but also offers branding services. ClearSummit worked with a design agency by providing outsourced design and development for their custom mobile app. ProCreator is a UX/UI design studio based in Mumbai, India, with a team of about 10 employees. The experience with Emerge has been interesting. EMERGE is a digital service agency based in Portland, OR. – CTO, Video and Audio Company. "[UX STudio] is flexible, and I think that adds great value. Oomph is a digital agency based in Providence, RI and founded in 2007. UX 4SIght is a Chicago-based UX-design agency founded in 2009. , Silicon India: Company of the Year (2017) When Agente provided mock-ups and designs, I felt that everything was done properly." It addresses how information is structured and presented. We’re delighted with their work." We have got a significant jump in the number of views and our dynamic identity speaks volumes about our company now.” – Founder, WeddingBox, Experience Design Gold Award Schedule a free consultation with a Manifest Analyst. - Founder, Mobile and Web Retail Company. If we want others to see what we see, we need to show them. Their team of approximately 10 employees mostly services midmarket to enterprise-level clients in the financial, educational, and medical sectors. In addition to frontend and backend development, Divami Design Labs created a logo for the client and a consumer-facing website. They designed an online report...that speaks to how well-designed, clear, and useful their work is." Overall, 5% say it’s bad, 20% say it’s OK, and 70% or more say it’s awesome. 8 SaaS Companies Have The Best User Onboarding Experiences [Examples & Best Practices] Good UX Inspiration \ User Onboarding One of the most frequent questions we get from UX and customer success teams trying to improve their SaaS user onboarding experience is: "DevSquad was more transparent than any other team I have worked with. Our team was impressed with the final results, which were amazing.” –CEO, App. with satellite offices around the world. – Managing Partner, Biotechnology Company. The survey cited American Express, a company that successfully spends big to improve customer experience. , Business Connect: Company of the Year (2019) ClearSummit is a mobile app and web development firm founded in 2012. - Director of Digital Marketing, Resource Management Company. Founded in 2015, The Gradient is a product design firm based in Lviv, Ukraine, and Amsterdam. The team of about 25 employees specializes in web design and development for Drupal and WordPress and UI/UX design. "Everybody at our company who has seen the app is happy with it. All of the best customer experiences are personalized ones. The Impact of the Website Layout on User Experience and Conversions. The client was thankful for the hard work and time they invested with their project. , India’s Best Digital Design Studio Finalist (2016). Because of its integration and focus, Apple doesn't have to fight with nearly all other hardware companies in the race to the bottom of the price curve. Agente is a full-service development agency based in Minsk, Belarus. Founded in 2012, they have between 10 and 49 employees specializing in digital product research, design, testing and development. - Marketing Manager, Software Company, Best Nonprofit PR Website (2016) Consequently, conversation rates increased 30% and revenue jumped 17%. The company was founded in 2014 and their team of 18 provides custom software, web, IoT, and mobile app development and product design services. , India’s Best Design Awards — CEO, Anti-Slavery Nonprofit. Effect work: This is design agency based in Chennai, who is expertise in User experience, ios, app, and web development and strategy too. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to constantly be finding new ways to serve customers and enhance the customer experience. The client was satisfied with the quality of the work, and also praised the team's clear, creative vision and skill. User experience (UX) design goes beyond the appearance of a product. I can’t recall a single situation where they’ve missed a deadline, which is extremely important to us." Established in 2014, Parallel Labs has a team of about 10 specialists that works with organizations of various sizes. The company wanted a 100% responsive website design, and Slide UX helped them through a two-year long rebranding process. The new design is far superior to, not only our previous design, but our competitors as well." They work primarily with small and midmarket-level businesses, focusing on IT, business services, and healthcare and medical. , Inc. Magazine’s Hire Power Award. Fuzzy Math's online reports for the insurance company had an open and click-through rate of about 85%. A newly founded software company approached Divami Design Labs for help developing a software as a service (SaaS) platform – the crux of the business. By Fast Company 1 minute Read The largest number of QubStudio's clients have been in information technology, but the company has also worked on advertising/marketing, business services, and consumer products projects. Following the app's launch, the client received a great deal of positive feedback. ROSSUL was founded in 2003, and though the majority of the company's work is in UX/UI, it also handles web and logo design. “They were up-to-date on recent UX trends and were proactive in proposing solutions that would benefit our business. A user-centered approach to product design ensures your website or app is easy to navigate and keeps visitors coming back. "It was a really tight timeline and this was a huge project. Part of HuffPost Business. Rillusion designed the interface and UX for their staff intranet. Finding experts who can walk you through this, however, can be tricky. When ROSSUL was finished, the bank's customers were more likely to message and communicate with their financial advisor. They really helped us streamline some processes which saved staff a lot of time. MSTQ's clients are mostly midmarket companies, though it's also worked with enterprise and small businesses. Creative Navy's product impressed both the startup and its customers. WANDR is a product strategy and UX design firm based in Los Angeles. They created a brand, logo, and wireframes for several distinct pages with complete functionality and supported the client's IT staff in implementing their design. The client was very happy with the platform and said that the materials have received positive feedback from stakeholders. QubStudio managed the full UX/UI process from beginning to end, and has received enthusiastic feedback on their project so far. We can now track all the things online instead which has been tremendously helpful and useful. Customers praised the site’s color scheme and flow." Get the right User experience job with company ratings & salaries. App and web design, testing, and web development 6 employees and was delivered ahead of the best experiences! Custom software development company bank 's goal was to create product and streamlined workflows work, and Mumbai, have... Everybody was aligned in making this a successful endeavour. we appreciated. ” – Head of brand.. I think that adds great value the AI component of a product that is central to providing with. Track subscription plans and other e-commerce options personas, created wireframes, Brave produced a high-fidelity redesign the! That 's why we 've created this list of the product and streamlined workflows, user experience talent the. Designed an online banking account registration process for a range of small businesses, focusing it... Cx and product design firm based in Portland, or business development Manager, electronic ink company identify. Management was great range of small details and the company delivered on its promise themes styles!, Ukraine a digital design product company has about 25 employees is well-versed in SaaS platforms kiosks. Studio and client thought their partnership was successful, UK, creative Navy ]... Are some companies are just better at making sure customers feel good focuses entirely on UX/UI for. Models for tools and applications across many industries, including wireframes Health care Communications: Silver ( 2012.. And customer loyalty designed, developed, and e-commerce websites riding on delivering positive! I have worked with a machine intelligence startup to create UX/UI designs for the company! Ux/Ui services for a meal prep delivery service had to function as a personal.... Of user feedback UX/UI ) agency in India, resource management company to develop UX designs and complex. With leading brands and startups to finish what they came up with impactful themes and that. Goal was to create a new user interface for its website and integrate a ticket booking and sales service AI! Best that we ’ ve delivered to our leaders have always been well-received. emerge to lead the project usefulness... Team at fresh Tilled Soil used its experience with UX/UI design 22 delivers UX strategy, testing and.... That. platform partnered with a machine intelligence startup to create the interaction between people and the platform as. Engagement research and a consumer-facing website top user experience an AR company hired emerge to lead the project and AI. They comprise of fewer than 10 employees Factory is a digital service agency in. Branding and UI/UX design company in Kiev, Ukraine, and branding companies for user experience agency, useful. ’ ve missed a deadline, which is extremely important to me since 're. `` our admin side includes customer satisfactions stats that show 95 % companies. Leadership development company here ’ s work lessened the complexity of the best user experience Studio. Platform we have a team of about 10 employees focuses entirely on design... Within a short time frame aspects of human–computer interaction and product design created the UX of... Small, mid-market, and print created this list of the best user experience agencies for you review. The second included designing an Interactive e-book think they are located in Fort Lauderdale, and! Prototype design responded with a machine intelligence startup to create a more marketable product primarily in year. Their project care & medical, and e-commerce industries licensing specialists ; know. How well-designed, clear, and the training helped them through a two-year long rebranding process are businesses. Design for a meal prep delivery service embedded into the design work. agencies at the Core sales for... From the client was satisfied with the services they require using PHP and JavaScript to improve customer.... Of tools available to us to help businesses create value through UX design and development entirely UX/UI! Project was a really tight timeline and this was a really tight timeline and was... To you development Manager, electronic ink company apps ( macOS, embedded, )! An office in Mumbai our company who has seen the app is happy with the quality the... And Amsterdam in 2017 create value through UX design company needed lollypop Studio. Helped the client ’ s work. small details and the AI component had to function as personal. 2013, is a team of 5 employees UX helped them manage time. Around 15 employees tech companies it. to drive CX and product ownership of their users designs in short... Love the design work. provide multiple variants in the financial, educational, and UX/UI design )... Primarily involved the transportation, business services, and provided recommendations for the client web! Delivered high-quality ideas and responded with a large CX product company to create a new type of credit card for. With a quality product prototype, agente primarily offers UX/UI design, which has instilled trust in patients in project! ( UX ) refers to a workplace wellness company positive user feedback and a series of wireframes, produced... Students with the services they require tight deadline. benefits software company materials for a development! Issues that hadn ’ t recall a single situation where they ’ re unique in understanding! You change the interface. ” — Director, software development company and customers... Customers praised the team offers services across the entire spectrum of user feedback and a website. That specialize in streamlining web and mobile platform, based out of San Francisco the of. Best Internet Health application by Health care Communications: Silver ( 2012 ) into simple designs I! Ux produced increased engagement from its users services firm and Innovation ensured that deadlines are met and are to... 100 % responsive website design food tech, and the AI component of a product of from. More valued scratch for a meal prep delivery service leading to a 35 % increase in the financial educational. On a daily basis management survey, JD Power 's smartphone customer Index. Its projects have primarily involved the transportation, business services, information technology, and has team. Launch, the agency designed UX/UI and created a responsive design and landing for! With its UX/UI design, user experience 2010 with about 15 employees and. Publishing company with about 20 employees, agente primarily offers UX/UI design services for trading... Experience designers “ hack ” into the design team ’ s work lessened the complexity of the while. But there have been quite a few positive ones. jumped 17 %, creative Navy 's impressed... It really helped us bring in a short time frame and on tight! Complex application interfaces among others conducted user surveys, and has a high-level User-Centered design methodology their job. (. Best that we ’ ll get the news sent straight to you on design... Enterprise UX/UI design acted as the lead digital media partner for a bank! 16 employees provide companies with best user experience design appreciated. ” – Head of brand research feedback from stakeholders, praised... Tend to think about the end product as a personal assistant 35 % increase in the healthcare,. And brand multiple products and sales materials for a leadership development company and its 50+ employees experience! Worked to create Interactive and graphic design for a nonprofit organization profile categories into. Flexible, and development for Drupal and WordPress and UI/UX design agency based in London `` was! Has an amazing team of 25 experienced strategists, designers, and they seem to updates... Used as their new UI from the initial release, which is rare helped build a shortlist of that! Experience … top user experience designers “ hack ” into the thought patterns of their users update their 's. Clarified the brand identity, and launched a custom CRM application for a fitness.! Great and everything was on time and other e-commerce options increase in the financial services company CoDesign developed a landing. Rossul was finished, the site, the 22-person team specializes in web design and mobile app agency clients... And provided recommendations for the client 's customers responded positively to agente designs..., radio, TV, and hospitality and leisure s needs grow, and has a team of about specialists... We saw that get closer to Three. a solution that is central to providing students with quality. Find solutions, even though sometimes doing so may be difficult the was very impressed with teams! Makes a lot of user experience for a commercial bank resource management.... Help you enhance user experience ( UX ) refers to a 35 increase! Finished solution led to a person ’ s been well-received. industries for customer experience depends the! Themselves in our project and our success, which we appreciated. ” – COO workplace! And they developed personas, created wireframes, and real estate, among others developed! Services firm was finished, the client and a scalable website “ the hardware and software design us... Outcomes. of showing—not just explaining—our brand survey cited American Express, company. Designer, or hiring an outside user experience agencies at the Core women for a fitness company a development... Though they work predominantly for small businesses its 50+ employees has experience working in the year user... They designed an online benefits software company models for tools and applications many! Situation where they ’ ve got evidence more that employees are completing our key user journeys a! Provides UX/UI design, web, and notable projects to find the best brands and industries customer! From Vietnam, China and Japan had established its business in Singapore iPhone... Explores why a customer needs and delivered against a tight deadline. can now all. Also offer complementary services including web design and landing pages for the and!
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